Pushkar Tour

Pushkar is a sacred town for the Hindus, situated 11 kms to the North-West of Ajmer. The charm of this sleepy, lakeside settlement so captivated the great Indian poet, Kalidas, that it found a place in his classic, Abhigyan Sakuntalam. The Great Hindu epics of Mahabharat and Ramayana make references to this religious place regarded to be Adi Tiratha. Evidence points to its having existed since the Fourth century B.C. Lake in the inhospitable surroundings of a desert is no less than a miracle.

Pushkar fair & festivals

Pushkar Fair (Oct.-Nov.) :- A colourful and lively fair, it is one of the largest cattle fairs in the country held every year at Pushkar on Kartik Poornima (full moon, October - November) . The 9 day event is considered to be the most striking animal fair in the world. As the fair has religious significance too, pilgrims and tradesmen come in thousands from far and near. Hundreds of horses, camels, cows and bulls are brought here to be sold. The spectacular fair is irresistible. Vendor displays their attractive goods and the villagers go on a shopping spree. Colourfully filled by turbaned men and odhni-wearing women, the entire atmosphere is electric and the otherwise serene temple town comes to life.

The Camel & Horse races, parades and other cultural events are organized, which are full of fun and gaiety. After an eventful day, as the sun sets down, the entire atmosphere reverbrates with the ringing bells and prayers in the temples. At night, hundreds of small oil lamps are lit and placed on green leaves and floated on the lake after the Arti Puja (prayers). the act of worship is called 'deepdan', and the entire lake is illuminated. The view is simply mesmerizing and is to be seen to be believed.

Jagat Pita Shri Brahma Temple

Jagat Pita Shri Brahma Temple is one of the most important places to see in Pushkar in Rajasthan. As the legend goes Lord Brahma was flying over this desert region and dropped three lotus petals that fell on three parts of the sands and three lakes sprung up, this prompted Lord Brahma to perform a religious rite, an important prerequisite for such religious rites in the ancient past was that the husband and wife sit together to perform the yagna. Since Lord Brahma's consort was not there with him, he married another girl so that he could perform the yagna, while the prayers were going on Lord Brahma's consort made an appearance and cursed him and declared that he would not be worshipped in any other part of the world ever. Ironically this is perhaps the only Brahma Temple in the entire world.

Varah Temple

One of the most sacred temples in Pushkar, Varah Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It has an image of Vishnu in the incarnation of wild boar. According to a legend, Lord Vishnu visited the earth in the incarnation of a Varah (Wild boar) to kill an atrocious demon hiranyaksha.

Pushkar Lake

The Pushkar Lake is surrounded by 52 flights of steps, called ghats, many having special legendary importance. Lord Vishnu is said to have appeared at the Varah Ghat in the form of a boar. Brahma took a bath here and performed Yajna at the Brahma Ghat, Accompanied by Vishnu and Mahadev. Guru Govind Singh chose this site for reciting the sacred Guru Granth Sahib. The ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed at the Ghandhi Ghat, which was previously called Gau Ghat.

Floating Lamps (Deepdan)

It is customary to float lighted earthen lamps after placing them on pattals (plates made of leaves) on the waters of the lake. This creates a spectacular view in the evening when the sacred lake takes on a mystical tint sprinkled with twinkling spot of light. Aarti is offered at the Lake in the morning and evening.


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